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Our venues have hosted schools from across South Yorkshire. The sites can offer
opportunities for schools to reward pupils and engage in alternative physical activity.

Our instructors can also come to your venue to deliver our activities.

As the provision is bepoke please CONTACT US to discuss your needs.
Prices start at £50 per hour.





NovaCity Alternative Provision provides nurture-based interventions for children experiencing behavioural, social, emotional and attachment difficulties. We specialise in work with young people that struggle in mainstream school, that are potentially at risk of exclusion, have been excluded and children awaiting a SEN placement requiring additional support.

The provision runs Monday to Friday during term time.

Our day operates 9.30am - 2.30pm

We offer a combination of alternative physical activites and academic work focusing on the individual learning plans of students and the overall goals of the school and student.


Our team of specialist tutors and experienced youth workers will support all young people to develop a positive attitude to learning and education. 


NovaCity Alternative Provision will provide:

  • A Friendly and inviting environment

  • Accreditation in Sports, Fine Art, Photography - AQA/OCR Framework

  • Small group setting

  • Named Key Worker

  • A personalized, child-centred curriculum appropriate to learner needs

  • A personalised timetable ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum

  • All learners with tracked progress and monitored attendance, with ongoing observations.

  • Individual daily reports.

  • Students with a variety of learning opportunities; to encourage team-work, life-skills, problem solving, sports participation which increase motivation to build self-belief and self-confidence.

  • Support to young people with their school work and to gain or contribute to  qualifications in Numeracy and Literacy.

  • Support for young people to develop practical and technical skills that employers are looking for.

  • Support for young person to progress to college courses, opening-up a range of career options in a variety of industry settings.

  • A youth worker to support and work with young people on personal development, mental health, anxiety or any personal issues they may have.



The provision currently works in the following areas.


Re-engagement Programmes (Key Stage 3 & 4):

Suitable for learners demonstrating exclusion risk factors.

Progression Programmes (Key Stage 4):

Suitable for learners who are or are at risk of disengaging from the mainstream school curriculum and becoming NEET.


New Arrival Support (Key Stage 4):

Full-time equivalent provision for young people newly arrived in the area, who require extended induction support before attending a mainstream school.

Personalised mentoring:

We offer a mentoring service; where our experienced staff can personalise plans around the needs and requirements of your students. Our staff can collect mentored students from home or school and drop them off at the end of their day. This kind of provision works well with students at risk of exclusion or that may already not be permitted onto the school site anymore.


Students under placement at NovaCity will have the opportunity to become part of the evening and weekend classes; either as a class participant or a volunteer supporting the sessions. This is a unique opportunity for the personal and social development of students.


  • Parkour

  • Dance

  • Circus

  • Tricks and Flips