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NovaCity is a centre of excellence for Parkour and Freerunning. Our Rotherham site contains the largest indoor park in the UK. The parks have been designed to offer the ideal place to begin your parkour journey, whilst offering a challenging environment for expert practitioners from around the world.

We want to share Parkour and Freerunning with the next generation. It is our passion and the main reason NovaCity was created in the first place. Grassroots training is so important to that mission.

We have created our own system of teaching that focuses on safety and continuous improvement. This level system is designed to take students through the fundamentals all the way to advanced techniques, whilst absorbing the ethos of parkour.

Parkour itself is an endless art and lifestyle, that is always changing and progressing. Many of our students have practiced for multiple years as a way to enhance their lives.


The journey starts in beginners' parkour.

All that is needed is a good sturdy pair of training shoes.

We Also Have Parkour Classes for Under 5's Called Mini Ninjas

Overview of our class structures



Never tried Parkour before? Perfect! Our experienced coaches will provide an introduction to the basic Parkour movements in a fun and welcoming way. Learn how to jump, vault, roll and swing.
Children who show excellent behaviour and effort may be invited to Development class, the next step up. We have split our fundamental classes into 2 age groups ages 6-10 and ages 11-16


With a solid Parkour foundation behind you, it’s time to elevate your training. These classes are reserved for more experienced children and will focus on refining flow, learning more advanced movements and improving strength and power.

Young Athlete

At NovaCity we want to nurture special talent and celebrate dedication to the sport. These classes will be reserved for advanced practitioners wanting to take their training more seriously and explore their full potential. We will challenge each individual appropriately, whilst also providing space for their own independent practise.

Funadamentals (6-10 Years)

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Young Athlete

Funadamentals (11-16 Years)

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