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We are always looking for partners to come with us on the journey with Project Underground. We have a strong vision of how competition/ events in parkour can be used to benefit the parkour community long term and create opportunities for young people.

If you are a company/brand/organisation looking for a unique exposure opportunity, whilst helping out a Not for Profit organisation please get in touch.

You can download our deck here for more information.

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Project Underground is back . The event is the largest of its kind in the UK and brings together people from across the world. NovaCity is helping to contribute to the growth of parkour practice across the country. Funding and growing events that bring young people to the art. Buying Tickets to the event directly contributes to this goal.

Event Info
The event is conducted over 3 days and is designed to be attractive to all parkour practitioners as it offers the chance to train, compete or spectate. The competition itself is split into 3 discipline  categories, Speed, Style and Skill, as well as 3 age categories, Under 12, Under 16 and 16+, 
We also Split the 16+ into separate Male and Female competitions, with equal prizes.

This competition is a timed race around a predetermined route across our parkour park. The athletes have time to practice the route, and one attempt against the clock. The fastest time wins.

This competition is designed to test athletes against ever more difficult challenges in the gym. The challenges are done in isolation with a limited number of attempts and a clock running. The person completing the most challenges in the shortest time wins.

This event pits athletes against each other in front of 3 judges. They are judged on creativity, flow, difficulty and execution.
The winner is determined by the highest overall score.

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