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Opportunity, Expression, Dedication, Community

NovaCity has grown over the years, and we always get asked, what is NovaCity? Now, that can be difficult to answer in detail. The overriding answer is it represents a place. A place where the passion for physical activity and pursuit of excellence can be nurtured and passed down. A place in the community, for young people to go and be themselves. The company was started by people that believed traditional resources weren’t serving them, so they built it themselves.

Our four ideals are at the core of everything we do. Before we do anything, it has to pass the four values tests.

OPPORTUNITY – NovaCity strives to create opportunities for young people. It’s that simple. Our doors are open. By providing a long list of activities across both our buildings we can ensure that young people have plenty of opportunities to engage in healthy, safe, and supportive activities pretty much every day of the year. We also create educational opportunities through our Performing Arts College and alternative provision programmes.

EXPRESSION – Once you are in the building you are free. Free to express yourself through your chosen art forms. It doesn’t matter whether you dance, trick & flip, or are into parkour, and for that matter, it’s ok if you aren’t into anything in particular and want to try it all and just hang out. What matters most to us is that you feel you, can be you.

DEDICATION – It’s ok to us if you are casually coming along every now and again for a bit of fun and to chill with friends or are there full-time, training to be the next champion. Our staff will always be there for you, dedicated to our cause.  However, if you want to be the best, a champion, an expert as part of a team or individually we will expect dedication from you and we shall return it two-fold. We have put the hours in and want to go on your journeys with you. We have supported people through years of training that has led to greater opportunities than anyone could imagine. We created the path, but you must walk down it.

COMMUNITY – Community is at the heart of everything. We grew up in these towns. We have seen the lack of opportunity and the disruption that can cause. We created our hubs to solve this problem. We truly believe we are a net positive for the community through the opportunities we provide. How does this help and what problems can we solve?  These are the first questions in any of our plans. As a Not for Profit, we are governed in a way that ensures profits are reinvested into the company and the community. It’s how we built our Barnsley building, so we know it works. We will continue to do this, with new opportunities and buildings being built over the next few years.

Overall, we strive to do the best we can each day, to serve the young people of South Yorkshire and beyond by providing the best facilities, activities, and the best environment to allow young people to grow. We are only at the beginning of the journey and have plenty more work to do.


Join us.

For more about each strand of the organisation please click the links below.


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Unit 1 The Summit, Barbot Hall Industrial Estate

Mangham Road , Rotherham, S61 4RJ, UK

Barnsley Map.png

Unit 1 Peel Parade

Barnsley, S70 2RL, UK

NovaCity is thankful to be awarded grant funding and business support from the following organisations .

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