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Our main party venue is Barnsley. Book a party with us and you get access to all the facilities including the Parkour Park and Trampolines.

£ 10 per person = Food not Included

£ 14 per person = Food Included

*Grip socks are not included - You can wear your own or purchase them at reception on arrival - £ 2 pair*


Parties are returning to Rotherham and packages will be online shortly. Rotherham is home to the TRICKSHOT party, our active Nerf arena parties utilising the unique parkour park environment.


Please get in touch via the contact form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We do ask for at least 1 week in advance for booking.

How it goes down

* Arrive 15 minutes before your time slot, meet your hosts, process registration forms and safety briefing.

* Activity group warm up to ensure you are ready to go.

* 1 hour of activity

* Break for food - Usually 15 to 20 minutes - Sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY and cut the cake.

* Free time on the equipment for the remainder of the party.

Food packages include and choice of HOT and COLD food

HOT FOOD = Cheese & Tomato pizza / Chicken Nuggets / Fish Fingers / Chips or Wedges / Garlic Bread 

COLD FOOD =  Sausage Rolls / Fruit / Buns / Crisps / Salad

Please get in touch if there are any special dietry requirements

Book Your Party
*minimum 7 days advance required
Hot Food Menu: Choose 3
Cold Food Options: Choose 3

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