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Activities for your young one's.


Our Toddler sessions are designed to encourage full body movement through Jumping, running, balancing and co-ordination. 


They are also the starting point for a class/activity environment. Designed with interaction in mind, the young ones get to play with other children, building social skills, but also learning to follow basic instructions and rules. All great for development. 


Parents get to join in too.

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Toddler Parkour and Tricks Class

If your young ones are running and jumping all over the place, this session is for you. Our age-based instruction ensures a safe introduction to Parkour and Tricks and Flips through our unique syllabus. Gradually introducing new moves with a safe progression in mind.  The sessions utilise our Sprung floor, soft play blocks, crash mats and bespoke parkour park. Confidence boosting is our key am here as well as encouraging social interaction, discipline, and exercise.

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Toddler Street Dance Class

For youngsters that love to dance. These sessions are all about getting little feet moving in time to the music. A great introduction to structured classes, these 45-minute sessions include aerobic warm-ups, stretching and dance routines specifically designed for young dancers. Each week our Mascot Happy Feet gets to visit

Saturday 09:15

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Happy Feet


Quality family time is at the heart of this session. The facility is open to explore for both children and parents. We love to see the parents involved in trying new skills, meeting new friends and even flying into the airbag. With no other sessions taking place the toddler sessions provide a calm and safe place for your young children.


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