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P. E + Activities

Naše miesta hostili školy z celého South Yorkshire. Stránky môžu ponúknuť
príležitosti pre školy odmeňovať žiakov a venovať sa alternatívnym pohybovým aktivitám.

Naši inštruktori môžu prísť aj k vám, aby predviedli naše aktivity.

Keďže ide o zákazku, KONTAKTUJTE NÁS, aby sme prediskutovali vaše potreby.
Ceny začínajú od 50 libier za hodinu.


Alternative Provision

Nova Alternative Provision provides full and part-time education to young people that struggle with mainstream school and aims to provide a positive and nurturing environment where all students are valued and supported through a personalised curriculum that inspires and challenges individuals to achieve their full potential.

Every student who attends Nova Alternative Provision starts with a clean slate. We want our provision to focus on the future of our students and to build upon their ambitions and hopes in order to make them a reality.

For more information on our Alternative Provision offer please click the button to take you to our dedicated site.

The sessions that Karl and Troy have delivered have been excellent. They are always pitched at the correct level to offer a good amount of challenge to our students whilst also being accessible and engaging for all. Both Karl and Troy immediately built up a great rapport with our students and this has been a key ingredient in the sessions being successful. I would fully recommend Parkour sessions at NovaCity to any education establishment that was interested. 


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