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Welcome to NovaCity Rotherham.

Our first centre, built in 2015 features the largest indoor Parkour Park in the UK, a Dance studio, a Spring floor, and an Aerial performance area. The building hosts classes Monday to Saturday in all our feature disciplines. Catering for all ages and abilities.


Our famous Open session regularly plays host to some of the most talented parkour athletes in the world making Nova Rotherham the perfect place to begin your journey. 


NovaCity uses its own app for bookings. Please head to you app store and search for NovaCity.

For instructions on how to use the app please click HERE.

Booking in advance guarantees your space.

You can also drop in and speak to reception to get signed up.


Please wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes.

Please make us aware of any injuries, ailments or allergies on arrival.

There is a cafe on site for refreshments.

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NovaCity  Rotherham

Unit 1, Mangham Road


S61 4RJ

PHONE - 01709 801261

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Parkour and Freerunning

Parkour and Freerunning are our core activities. Classes take place multiple times a week on our bespoke setup.

The classes involve a high-energy combination of running, jumping, and climbing, with the added possibility of flips as you progress through our levels system, designed to help you progress. 

This activity is for ages 5+

Classes = Under 10's / Under 16's

For younger children please check out MINI NINJAS

For more info on Parkour click here


Dance for all ages and abilities is available at NovaCity. Our dance school is Streetdance based but also takes in techniques from other styles.

Pathways available include recreational dance, showcases, and competitions. We currently compete across the UK, with our students entering solos, duos, and as part of large teams.

This activity is for ages 2+

Classes = Happy Feet / 5-6yrs / 7-12yrs / Competition classes / Beginner and Advanced

For more info on Dance click here

Tricks & Flips

Tricks and Flips pulls in moves from Dance, Parkour, Martial Arts, and Gymnastics. Our aim with this class is to introduce moves that can enhance the other disciplines if you do those, or as a stand-alone activity. Classes take place on our giant purple spring floor to give extra bounce and provide many other benefits. We start basic and build up through our leveling system to ensure safe progress. 


This activity is for 5+

Classes - Under 10 / Under 16 - Beginner / Advanced

For younger children check out TODDLER TRICKS OR MINI NINJAS

For more info on Tricks click here

Mini Ninjas

The starting point for your energetic little ones climbing and jumping about the place. We replicate aspects of our Parkour park using soft blocks, balance beams, and crashmats allowing for a safe experience. Parents are also invited to get involved and participate with their children to enhance the experience.


The activity has its own level systems with sticker books to monitor progress. We aim to build the skills and harness the creativity that younger minds have to prepare them, as they grow, for access to the big park.

This activity is for children able to walk, run, and climb independently.

Max age = 5 to 6

For more info on Mini Ninjas click here
Mini Ninjas

Open Session

Come and train at your own pace. In open sessions, the equipment is available to use in your own way. Our staff are there to guide and assist but there is no class structure. There are open sessions every evening and weekend

These sessions provide an opportunity for extra practice and to meet and train with other people. There will be a mixture of ages and abilities and everyone is encouraged to help each other.

While this class is open to everyone, it is best used when you have a grasp of the fundamental movements and can train safely independently.

For more info on Open Jam click here
Open Session


Dance, flip, twist, and fly through the air.

Cheerleading at Nova offers both recreational and competitive cheer. Young people are arranged by age and ability into teams to showcase their skills.

A national competition circuit is well established with the ultimate goal of winning a bid to compete at the Worlds, which takes place in Florida, USA each year.

This class is for 5+

For more info on Cheer click here


Celebrate your special day at Rotherham.

Parties can be booked on Sundays

Our bespoke packages involve games, activity tasters, free play, and Nerf.

Booking needs to be 1 month in advance to secure your date.

For more info on Parties click here

School Groups

We provide opportunities for schools to visit and participate as part of physical education sessions and rewards.


We can also send our staff out to your school to deliver our activities there. This is usually done in blocks of 6 classes over a term.

These sessions can be built bespoke to your needs.

These sessions are different from our Alternative provision offer, which also provides classroom-based and vocational education and qualifications.

For more info on School Groups click here
School Groups

Private Hire

Are you a club in need of facilities? We might just have the answer. Outside our regular timetable, there is the opportunity to hire spaces such as the Spring Floor. We have had multiple cheerleading schools utilise the floor over the years. We are also open to the facility being used for film and media projects, as well as part of private events with similar companies and arts.


We like to collaborate with projects and can enter into revenue sharing if you want to set up your own activity.

Please get in touch with us via email - for any inquiries.

Prices are based on per-hour rate with discounts applied to block bookings.

Private Hire
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