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Sheffield Takeover 2023

Sheffield Takeover is back for 2023, taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of July.

Important details:

  • 22nd and 23rd July

  • Meeting from 1:30pm outside the train station, competition starts at 2pm

  • Men's and Women's competitions with equal prize money

  • Current prize pool is £800 in total

  • Bonus challenges can be completed for a chance to win gift cards from our sponsors

  • Sleepover available at NovaCity Rotherham on the 23rd

  • Competition ends at 8pm, final meeting spot to be confirmed

  • You will need access to the internet to show us that you've completed challenges

  • Portable chargers will be very useful

  • Tickets available now for £25:

What is Sheffield Takeover?

Sheffield Takeover is a parkour competition taking place over the entire city of Sheffield for 2 days. We have set challenges at various spots around the city and you will be given the link to a map which had the location of each challenge and you have 30 hours to complete as many challenges as possible. Whoever completes the most challenges wins.

You need to film yourself completing each challenge and show us the video. The easiest way will be to upload the challenge on your Instagram story after you have completed it and tag us, this allows us to updated the scoreboard throughout the weekend and provide feedback quickly if we want you to do the challenge again. However as long as we see a video of you completing the challenge, you can provide that to us however you wish.

We have separate men's and women's competitions with equal prize money, both men and women will be attempting the same challenges and we have done our best to provide challenges for a variety of difficulty levels, we also invited Lisa Schneider to come up to Sheffield for a few days to help us ensure that there are adequate challenges that are accessible to women.

The current prize pool for the event is £800 in total, this will increase based on ticket sales. We will also have several bonus challenges that will allow you to win gift cards from our sponsors: Storror, Street Media, Matttma, Norml Brand, and Team Reality.

Where and when do we meet?

The competition will start at 2pm, so we will be meeting from 1:30pm outside Sheffield train station. We will be sharing the challenge map and challenge list with everyone before the competition starts. If you arrive late there will be a group chat created so you can still access all the event resources and be able to compete. If you let us know when you will be arriving then we can meet you to make sure you have everything you need to take part in the event.

The competition will finish at 8pm on Sunday, and we will all meet again to announce the winners. Meeting location to be confirmed.

Where can I sleep?

Anyone who buys a ticket to the event will have the option of sleeping at our Rotherham venue on Saturday night, you will need your own sleeping bags, and something to sleep on. There is room to hang hammocks but it's not guaranteed you will get a space.

If you are not competing but want to come and spend the weekend enjoying the atmosphere and hanging out with people who are competing you will have to pay £10 on the door to sleep over.

Opening times on Saturday evening to be confirmed.

What do I need?

You will need to be able to record you completing each challenge and be able to show us the video, the easiest thing will be a phone with internet access, and a portable charger will be very useful as well.

Where can I buy tickets?

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