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Universal Youth Work Programme

NovaCity is proud to have received a grant from the Universal Youth Work Programme in Rotherham. Set in our Rotherham facility the grant enabled NovaCity to provide free youth work sessions to young people across the borough. The free sessions take place on Friday evenings and are suitable for anyone from 5 years to 24 years. The programme will run until March 2023, and it is hoped over 500 young people will benefit from the programme.

The sessions are based on our physical activities and the whole facility is open for use. Staff are on hand to supervise and give advice on how to get better at the activities and learn new moves. This session differs however from our usual way of working. These sessions are far more relaxed, physical participation is not required. The building is open for young people to come and hang out in a safe space, meet friends and try something new, much like a traditional youth club. Other organisations will also be visiting including young people’s mental health and wellbeing services, the community police department and other emergency service representatives. They will be giving sessions based on the priorities they feel need attention from cross county gangs, drugs, knife crime, fire safety and emergency reduction.

By combining resources, we have enhanced our hub in the community, and it is hoped that through further support, we can continue this service both in Rotherham and in our second building in Barnsley.

The aims of the Youth Work service and this funding are listed below. NovaCity aims to contribute to all of them through our work to create the biggest impact for young people and work towards a prosperous future for Rotherham.

  • Expanding and developing the universal offer for young people across the Rotherham borough by providing things to do and places to go.

  • Promoting the personal, educational, creative, and social development of young people.

  • Tackling health inequalities with a focus on integrated partnership working.

  • Supporting vulnerable families or children and young people (using the Early Help Assessment) to meet the needs of young people and families at the earliest opportunity.

  • Address new ways of working, including meeting Covid-19 secure standards in community settings, increasing engagement in inclusive, universal provision that raises the aspirations and supports the development of young people between 10-25 years of age.

  • Provide a range of activities that develop confidence and build their self-esteem, including trips and residential experiences.

  • Activities incorporating; arts, sport, music, craft, healthy lifestyles, education, personal responsibility, safety, respect for others, accredited courses and projects.

  • Reduce health inequalities, improve, and promote good physical and mental health.

  • Ensure that young people are informed and supported to make safe and healthy choices and are referred to appropriate services when additional support is required.

  • Ensuring young people feel safe in their communities and develop positive relationships.

  • Promoting equality of access and taking positive action to ensure the most vulnerable of young people are not disadvantaged.

  • Publish a programme of activities and demonstrate collaboration with sector providers and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

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